Cloud & Web Services

  • Microsoft 365 Business Email

    $199.00 AUD One Time
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    • Microsoft (Office) 365 of the best options to choose for professional, streamlined and convenient access to emails, collaboration tools and more.

      The set up fee is a once off fee for us to take care of the set up for you.

      We will consult with you in regards to number of email users and licensing ( eg Premium and/or Essentials options)

      Monthly mailbox fees will be invoiced separately once determined.

      A minimum of 1 Premium account is required while there is no minimum or maximum limit for Essentials accounts.

      Read more HERE about Office 365 options
  • SEO Web Site Key Word/Phrase Analysis

    $349.00 AUD One Time
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    • Have an analysis performed on your web site to check what key words/phrases are best for your web site and search engine rankings.

      This report will let you know what key phrases have been picked up on your web site, what kind of volumes are apparent and what alternatives might be suitable to enhance your search engine visibility.

      This is a one time fee for the report which can then be used to customise your web site pages to make the most of your listing. If you go ahead with any substantial SEO Program with our expert partners, you will receive $250 credit off your first monthly agreement.
  • PopUp Notice for Home Page

    $110.00 AUD One Time
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    • The set up fee is a once off fee for us to take care of the set up for you.

      We will add a custom PopUp announcement/notice on your web site (Wordpress sites only) with a message as described by you.

      Just let us know what message you want in the space provided below.

      If we need any details such as your Worpress web site login details, we'll let you know.