Windows 10 Email Set Up

To add a mail account to Windows 10, you can follow these steps:

1. Click the Windows icon to show programs and choose Mail

2. At the Mail screen, Click to Add account 

3. Click for Advanced setup

4. You'll need to have enter the following details:

  • Account name - Enter in a description for the account
  • Your name - This will display to others when you email them
  • Incoming email server - Enter the incoming server
  • Account type - Set to POP
  • Username - Enter your username
  • Password - Enter your password
  • Outgoing (SMTP) email server - Enter the outgoing server
  • Leave Outgoing server requires authentication ticked
  • Leave Use the same username and password for sending mail ticked
  • You can use SSL for incoming, it's optional
  • You can use SSL, for outgoing, it's optional


If you don't know your account details, you can gain them from your email provider. 
In general for Servers Australia shared hosting it is:

Incoming server =
Outgoing server =
Username =
Password = yourpassword

where your domain is your website name

5. The account is now completed

Additional notes:

If you are using SSL but you don't have an SSL certificate installed on your domain, you will get an "untrusted certificate" warning.

Simple press continue 

If there are any errors in the settings or you need to edit the account settings, you can edit them by right clicking on the account name and clicking on Account settings.


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